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Kendall Telfa Antimicrobial Non-Stick Pad with Adhesive, 4" x 8" - 5 Each
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Kendall Telfa Antimicrobial Non-Stick Pad with Adhesive, 4" x 8" - 5 Each


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Ideal for use as the primary dressing for light to moderately draining wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, donor sites, skin grafts and burns. The antimicrobial activity of PHMB in the dressing helps resist bacterial colonization of and penetration through the dressing including MRSA and VRE, organisms which are resistant to commonly used antibiotics. Telfa non-stick pad for easy removal; will not interfere with the healing process. Adhesive surrounds the Telfa pad to protect and seal the wound from dirt and germs. Soft, cloth like barrier allows the wound to breathe. For single use only. Sterility guaranteed unless package is opened or damaged.

Manufacturer: CAN AM CARE LLC
Upc: 03786780019
1. Wash hands with soap and water. 2. Ensure affected area is clean. 3. Remove peel strips from product. 4. Place dressing over wound, ensuring that the adhesive backing does not come in direct contact with the wound (to avoid damage to the wound). General Wound Care: Clean: Wash hands and gently cleanse wound area with mild soap and water. Pat dry with sterile Kendall gauze pads. Cover: Apply first layer dressing such as a Kendall Telfa pad or gauze for wound protection. Apply secondary layer for absorption or wound cushioning as needed. Secure: Secure the product in place with bandage roll or tape if needed. IMPORTANT: Change dressing as needed or as directed by a medical professional.

Polyhexamethylene Biguanide (0.2%)

Consult a physician in case of severe or deep puncture wounds, serious burns, redness, excessive swelling, tenderness, increased warmth, pus or watery discharge or any other signs of infection in wound area. Not intended as treatment for infection. If signs of infection are present consult physician. Telfa AMD dressings can be used in conjunction with the prescribed therapy. Seek professional assistance for treatment in medical emergency.

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Kendall Telfa Antimicrobial Non-Stick Pad with Adhesive, 4" x 8" - 5 Each

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