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Ultra Care Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer for Soft Contact Lenses
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Ultra Care Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer for Soft Contact Lenses


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Your Oxysept disinfecting solution kit includes: 12 oz bottle Oxysept Disinfecting Solution, 36 pink neutralizing tablets, Oxysept cup with Gore-Tex cap to prevent leakage. Feel the difference! What makes Oxysept Disinfecting Soliution so unique? Proven Disinfection System: Powerful protection against a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms. Unique tablet system provides superior disinfection to leading competitive brands. Enhanced Comfort: The ONLY peroxide system with a built-in lubricant which retains and seals in moisture. Ideal for sensitive eyes: Once the solution is neutralized, your contact lenses are soaking in a preservative-free solution. For soft contact lenses.


Manufacturer: ADV MED OPTC
Upc: 30023215202
Daily use of your Oxysept Disinfecting Solution: 1. CLEAN each side of your contact lenses with a daily cleaner and rinse with a sterile saline solution before placing them in the appropriate basket of the Oxysept cup. 2. DISINFECT by filling the Oxysept cup with Oxysept Disinfecting Solution to the fill line. 3. NEUTRALIZE by dropping 1 pink neutralizing tablet into the solution before inserting the lens holder and tightening the lid. 4. INVERT the Oxysept cup 3 consecutive times to wet the upper surface of the cup and the inside of the cap to ensure full neutralization. 5. THINK PINK: The Oxysept neutralizing tablet will color the solution pink, reminding you that you have added the neutralizing tablet at the beginning of the six (6) hour soak. 6. SOAK your contact lenses for a minimum of six (6) hours from the time you dropped the pink tablet into the Oxysept cup. Your disinfected contact lenses are now ready to wear. ONCE A WEEK: Remove protein buildup. Add 1 Ultrazyme Enzymatic Cleaner tablet at the same time you add the Oxysept pink neutalizing tablet to the disinfecting solution. Follow steps 4 through 6 before removing lenses from the cup. RINSE your lens with a sterile saline solution prior to wearing. See product information on inside of carton for complete directions and important safety information.


Oxysept Disinfecting Solution: Sterile Solution of: Micro-Filtered Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (Stabilized With Sodium Stannate, Sodium Nitrate, Buffered With Phosphates); Purified Water. Oxysept Neutralizing Tablets: Catalase; Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose; Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) as a Color Indicator; With Buffering and Tableting Agents

Keep out of the reach of children. The red tip on the Oxysept bottle is a reminder not to put this product directly in your eyes. Do not use Oxysept Disinfecting Solution to rinse your contact lenses. Always drop the Oxysept pink neutralizing tablet into the lens cup prior to soaking contact lenses. If pink neutralizing tablet is broken or looks wet, or the blister card appears damaged in any way, do not use. Never use Oxysept Disinfecting Solution in a heat disinfection unit. Use only Oxysept disinfecting components; do not substitute. Store at room temperature. Note: This product is not recommended for use with ILLUSIONS (tefilcon) lenses. Use of this product may cause lens damage.

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Ultra Care Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer for Soft Contact Lenses

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