Trouble Sleeping? Here’s What You Need

Health Tips & Tricks, Inside Medshop Express February 15, 2018

Taken from the “Hey Ray” series by journalist, entrepreneur, adventurist, and father Ray Erikssen from his journal Four Corners.

On my recent travels through majestic Australia, I came across many fascinating places and people! I focused this multi-week adventure on the southern portion of Australia, beginning my trip in New South Wales and continuing through to Victoria. From beautiful cities like Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne and beyond, what became a common theme among the many different conversations, was that trouble sleeping (or getting better quality sleep) is an ongoing topic of need.

Those that I encountered who expressed their sleep deprivation, seemed to source this tiring issue in their life to a range of different causes, such as the region’s shortened darkness of nights, stress in their personal life or professional life, unique types of weekly schedules, or current health imbalances.  However, the most popular description I heard of why so many people have sleeping challenges, is quite simply that they cannot seem to fall asleep.

I myself discovered this frustrating obstacle of falling asleep as well, but did not come unprepared thanks greatly to my friends over at! I always make a checklist of items that I need prior to packing for a trip, whether it’s for business or vacation.  Medshop Express conveniently has groups of products that I purchase on a recurring basis, not only for my day-to-day health or household needs, but I’m able to organize what I may need in preparation for travel.  I also visit their reliable online store for new ideas of products that I might need, or for reminders of those that I keep forgetting to buy.  Medshop Express is great when searching for items you can’t seem to find anywhere else.

In this case, I was able to find Unisom Sleep Gels to help combat trouble sleeping.  This non-habit forming sleep aid was absolutely helpful not only on this past trip, but also for other recent travels, and now, I selectively use it anytime I just can’t seem to get some rest.

After more research, I found that others around the world already knew what I thought was my newfound secret–that Unisom can help with sleepless nights for those who are experiencing a much wider range of potential symptoms or causes.  Some of these issues that I’ve heard about were not being able to focus at work, no energy at home, being tired all day, lacking passion that they once had, not being able to normally fall asleep, being restless in bed, falling behind at work, or even losing business or other opportunities!

I believe that sleep is often the key, or at least needing more quality sleep in our lives.  We need to give the mind and body enough sleep, which of course is different for everyone.  Do you find yourself after having gone to bed for the night in a never-ending moment of wondering when you’re going to fall asleep?  Do you believe that you are dealing with issues such as insomnia, stress, or schedule-related trouble sleeping?

Don’t continue through life with a lack of concentration from not getting enough rest during the night.  Your ability to keep attention, maintain focus, and be successful in many parts of your life are rooted in having enough consistent, quality sleep.

Stop dreaming of sleeping, and start sleeping to dream.

I look forward to sharing more about my past and upcoming travel adventures, and I appreciate you taking the time to read my journal.

Healthy living to you!

Yours truly,

Ray Erikssen

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