Top Soaps for Dry Skin

Hello, Healthy! December 29, 2016

Everyone knows that during the winter your skin is in major need of some TLC. There are multiple reasons as to why your skin tends to be extra dry during the cold nights:

  1. The mixture of the dry indoor heat with the cold dry winds outside can really take a toll on your body and strip your body of the necessary moisture it needs to retain that smooth and silky feel.
  2. You could be dehydrated. Being in colder weather doesn’t make you feel as thirsty as if you were sweating in the hot sun. However, your body still needs the same amount of water intake to stay hydrated. Every single day, rain or shine.

How does soap affect my skin?

Soap tends to dry out the skin because of it’s pH level. Skin is known to have a slightly more acidic pH level hitting at around 4.2-5.5, 7 being neutral. Normal soap bars contain a pH level of anywhere between 9-12, pushing the skin out of it’s healthy pH zone and losing its hydration quickly.

In addition to losing its hydration due to the pH level, soaps often contain something called surfactant. This ingredient eats up all your skins natural oil that it uses to protect itself, drying up your skin and leaving it prone to over producing oil to make up for the amount it lost.

What can I do?

Start looking for soaps that contain a lower pH level, preferably nothing higher than a 6

Basis Sensitive Skin


This soap has a pH between 5 and 6. In addition, the Basis soap bar contains aloe vera and chamomile extract to soothe and comfort your skin.

Aveeno Moisturizing Bar


This soap has the pH level of 5.5. What really makes this bar stand out from the rest is that it contains oats in their products. Oats are basically magic for the skin, they help restore the skin’s pH level back to it’s normal acidity, acts as a non-irritant, and helps repair sunburned, irritated, or wounded skin.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar


With the pH level of 6.7, this soap isn’t particularly ideal in regards to keeping your skin away from alkaline. However, to the bars benefit, this soap is non-comedogenic which is a huge plus.
Fear winter no more! Your skin is strong and can for the most part take care of itself. We’re doing an injustice to our body by not listening to what our skin is asking for. Something as simple as adjusting the soap you use can give your body everything it’s been looking for.

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