How to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Health Tips & Tricks April 12, 2018

Warm weather is on the horizon! We’re excited for beach days, picnics with friends, and, best of all, summer vacations. Amid all this summer fun, we sometimes find ourselves feeling a little parched. Dehydration is common, especially during the warmer months, and can lead to all kinds of discomfort. (Read: dry skin, headaches, nausea, the works.) We’ve compiled our favorite tips on how to stay hydrated this summer.

This Might Be Obvious, But Drink Water

For many ailments, preventive care is the best kind of care. Keeping a water bottle handy during summer outings helps you remember to drink water. You should also listen to your body! Even a mild level of thirst indicates you’re on the path to dehydration. Sipping on some good ol’ H2O keeps thirst, and more serious symptoms, at bay.

Embrace Fruit

Besides being delicious, fruits offer a wealth of health benefits. They’re filling, help curb sugar cravings, and have a high water content, which helps you stay hydrated. Fruits are also packed with important vitamins and minerals your body craves. We recommend picking up some watermelon, grapefruit, or berries on your next supermarket visit.


Exercise is one of the best lifestyle habits to implement for those wondering how to stay hydrated. Getting your heart pumping increases circulation, which can improve your electrolyte levels. This helps more nutrients get into your body’s cells and boosts your overall health.

And, Drink Water the Night Before a Morning Workout

Sweating during exercise is great, but you have to replenish all that water you’ve lost! If you make hydration a priority before your workout even begins, you’ll already have a leg up on dehydration. Plus, you’ll have been in bed for eight hours, so you may wake up dehydrated. Drinking a small amount of water before hitting the gym is always a good idea.

Don’t Push Yourself too Hard

We love exercising, but sometimes, we have to pull ourselves back and make sure we aren’t doing too much. If your body is working too hard, you may start to feel dizzy. When you get lightheaded, take it down a notch. Dehydration isn’t worth it, trust us.

Avoid Diuretics

Beverages such as coffee and soda are considered diuretics. This means that instead of restoring hydration to your body, they suck moisture out. They also contain high amounts of sugar, which can hinder your body’s ability to stay hydrated. So, if you’re at the airport, or stopped at a gas station, choose a bottle of water instead of that soda!

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