5 Most Common Sports Injuries and Their Treatments

Health Tips & Tricks June 21, 2018

Summer is the perfect time to get outside. As temperatures rise, you can always catch us kicking around a ball with friends at the park or hopping into the ocean for a quick swim. We love fun in the sun, but sometimes, sports inevitably lead to injuries. Want to know exactly what you should do for that cut, bruise, or sprain? We have you covered! Here are the five most common sports injuries and their treatments, so you can get back out there as soon as possible.


Scrapes happen. With all the running around, jumping, and fun that comes along with sports, it’s no wonder that cuts are among the most common sports injuries. We recommend first assessing the depth of the gash. Certain cuts need medical attention (oh, hey stitches), while others can be treated using a first aid kit. First, clean the wound, then apply an antibacterial ointment, such as Neosporin. Follow up with a fresh bandage and be on your way!


Bruises are also extremely common in athletes. Say you were to bump into something during a game (we’ve all been there). Smaller blood vessels called capillaries may be damaged as a result of the trauma, causing multi-colored bruises to bloom on the skin’s surface. Most bruises heal naturally, but if you’d like to help the process along, we have your back! Products like DerMend Moisturizing Bruise Cream improve the appearance of bruised skin while repairing the skin’s natural barrier.


We’ve covered the basics of sprains before, but in case you need a little refresher, a sprain occurs when the ligaments at a joint become stretched. Like other injuries, sprains can range from mild to severe. Mild sprains result in pain and joint instability, while more severe cases are characterized by ruptured ligaments. For severe sprains, medical attention is crucial, but mild cases can be treated with rest, ice, and compression.


Strains are among the most common sports injuries for those who play contact sports. If you have a muscle strain, you’ll be dealing with pain, muscle spasms, and muscle weakness. Strains are also most often found in the back and hamstrings, and require rest and rehabilitation to heal.

Shin Splints

Also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, shin splints are small pinpricks of pain that you feel along the front of your lower leg after strenuous sports. MTSS is referred to as a cumulative disorder, which means that the more stress your bone goes through, the worse you’ll feel. The best OTC remedy? Icing the shins for up to thirty minutes at a time. Orthotic inserts can also provide some relief.

No matter which of the most common sports injuries you’re dealing with, Medshop Express has everything you need for the best treatment possible. From gauze and pads to first aid kits and soothing creams, we offer the products you love from the brands you trust. Plus, we’ll never say no to international shipping and unparalleled convenience! Check out our complete product lineup here.

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