Locker Essentials: 8 Back to School Must-Haves

Holidays August 29, 2018

Back to school season is officially here. We know you’re busy picking up all the supplies on your child’s list, but we have a few suggestions of our own! We think there are several back to school must-haves you won’t find on any supplies list. But, this doesn’t mean that they won’t come in handy! In fact, we know exactly what your child might need in a pinch. Here are eight of our favorite locker essentials that are sure to ease the transition back to school.

Hand Sanitizer

There’s a reason why back to school season and flu season seem to coincide. Whenever you take a bunch of kids and put them all together, germs and sickness spread like wildfire! We recommend protecting your child, and ultimately yourself, by grabbing some hand sanitizer for their locker or backpack. We like Purell because it eliminates 99% of bacteria and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky!


Cuts and scrapes always seem to happen when you least expect them. Paper cuts, skinned knees, and blisters, oh my! Stashing a pack of Band Aid bandages away for your child to use at school is a smart move. We recommend choosing ones with flexible fabric. These bandages move with your child and won’t come off during day to day activities. Plus, the absorbent pad won’t stick to the wound, allowing for easy removal.

Pain Medication

Next on our list of locker essentials: pain meds. You never know when a headache is going to strike. Maybe your child has a big test or presentation on the horizon and the stress is getting to them. Advil Ibuprofen Tablets have their back! They provide temporary relief from everything from menstrual cramps to toothaches. These tablets also temporarily reduce fever.


This one is important as flu season and allergy season run rampant. A drippy nose can be distracting, and don’t even get us started on snot marks on sleeves. (Ugh!) Enter Kleenex Upright Facial Tissues. They’re absorbent and gentle on sensitive noses. Buy them in bulk and have your child replace the box as they finish it. Our 80-count pack has been known to last the entire school year!

Eye Drops

Dry, itchy eyes can also get in the way of effective learning. We love bringing Clear Eyes Redness Relief Drops wherever we go, even though we aren’t in school anymore. In addition to offering relief from dryness and itching, Clear Eyes also prevents the eyes from becoming more dry. Plus, they’re fast-acting, sterile, and easy to use on the go!


This one’s especially critical if your child takes PE. Although they apply deodorant in the morning, it may not last throughout the entire day, especially during the first month of school when it’s still warm out. Gillette Cool Wave Antiperspirant is one of our favorites for odor elimination. Its triple-protection system is unbeatable!

Lip Balm

Make chapped lips a thing of autumn and winter past! Having a Chapstick in your kid’s backpack or locker is absolutely essential for keeping dry lips at bay. It also softens and protects for smooth lips every day. Bonus points if you choose a formula with SPF!


There’s nothing worse than going through an entire day of school and coming home to find something stuck in your teeth. (Why didn’t anyone tell me?) We recommend having some floss on hand in case of an emergency. Our recommendation? Glide Pro-Health Floss Picks. These handy picks merge the smoothness of Glide Floss with the convenience and ease of a pick. Plus, they easily reach back teeth and are suitable for all ages.

Whether your child’s heading back to school this fall or you’re looking to stock up on home health essentials, Medshop Express has you covered. We carry all the products you love from the brands you’ve always trusted. We offer irresistible prices and unparalleled convenience, and we’re always willing to ship worldwide. Check out our complete product lineup here.

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