Joint Pain? Here’s What You Need

Health Tips & Tricks July 27, 2018

Summer’s still going strong, which means there’s still time to get up, get outside, and get active! Whether it’s channeling our inner child and running around the park or taking a dip in the deep blue sea, we’ll be wherever the sunshine is. We’re more active than usual during the warmer months. This means that we might start feeling more pain here and there, especially in our joints. Luckily, we have a fully stocked medicine cabinet to get us through! If you’re like us and your joints need a little love, we have you covered. Here’s what you need when dealing with joint pain.

Thermacare Heat Wraps

Heat can help relax tense muscles and lubricate stubborn joints. Applying heat to joints relieves stiffness, warms them up before strenuous activities, and eases muscle spasms. Also called heat therapy, placing something warm on an aching joint is a great way to calm any tension. When we need a little heat therapy, we turn to Thermacare Heat Wraps. They temporarily soothe minor muscular and joint-related aches and pains associated with overexertion, arthritis, and sprains. They also feature an innovative X-shaped design that moves with you. Perfect for on-the-go relief!

Thermacare Cold Wraps

On the flip side, your joints might sometimes need cold. Cold compresses or cold wraps are used to soothe inflammation, relieve pain, and reduce swelling of the joints. Many doctors also recommend using cold to treat more serious sports injuries. Our favorite way to cool our joints down? Thermacare Cold Wraps. They provide a comfortable cold that lasts, and you can refreeze each wrap up to ten times! Perfect for your joints and your budget.

Schiff Move Free Joint Health Advanced

For some of us, joint pain is a little more serious. Heat therapy and cold just aren’t enough. That’s where Schiff Move Free comes in. Much like the name suggests, these tablets make it possible for older adults to maintain their active lifestyles. It’s made with triple-strength formula that promotes healthy joint function. Move Free also protects the joints from free radicals that can cause joint tissue to deteriorate over time. Taking the daily dosage improves joint flexibility and movement over time.

Therall Joint Warming Knee Support

Joint pain responds well to compression therapy, so we like keeping a good knee support or ankle brace on hand at all times. Bonus points if you combine compression therapy with heat therapy and use Therall Joint Warming Knee Support. It increases the circulation around tender joints, improves mobility, and counteracts swelling. Each support is constructed with a four-way stretch material for light, comfortable compression.

Freeze It Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Gel

If you prefer a topical solution for your joint pain, Freeze It Gel is about to become your new best friend. It temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints that result from backaches or arthritis. Plus, it’s stain-free and grease-free. Its mentholated scent vanishes over time for discreet, all-day wear.

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