6 Bug Bite Home Remedies

Health Tips & Tricks June 1, 2017

Summer is our favorite time of the year. We love taking trips to the beach, barbecuing with friends, and basking in the sun (after applying our SPF, of course!). But, this beautiful weather comes along with something we don’t like as much: bug bites. Mosquitos, spiders, and other critters are running wild this season, and sometimes, you don’t always have hydrocortisone on hand. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite bug bite home remedies to help you stop the itching and irritation in their tracks.


Ice is one of those bug bite home remedies that does double duty; it reduces both swelling and itching! The coldness from even a single cube can constrict the blood vessels near the bite, thus decreasing your body’s release of histamine.


Honey has an antiseptic ingredient, which reduces the chances of the bite getting infected. However, the sweetness and stickiness can attract more bugs, so use this home remedy with caution.

Scotch Tape

Scratching those itchy bites may be tempting, but you shouldn’t. Breaking the skin near the bite can lead to infection. Not worth it! Cover the bite with small piece of scotch tape to keep yourself from scratching. The bite will heal faster and your skin will thank you for it.


Rubbing a basil leaf directly on your mosquito bites or crushing it up and applying it like a paste provides instant relief. Basil contains cooling chemicals that reduce inflammation quickly and efficiently. Plus, it’s even been shown to repel mosquitos.

Milk and Water

There’s a reason why many people with itchy or sensitive skin take milk baths. Milk is gentle on skin and eliminates inflammation. Mixing equal parts skim milk and water, soaking a small cloth in the mixture, and applying it to skin can provide immediate relief.


Many toothpastes contain menthol, a natural cooling ingredient. Applying toothpaste to the bite allows your brain to notice a cooling sensation more quickly than it would notice the itching. This simple shift in focus is enough to help your bite heal faster.

No matter which of our bug bite home remedies you choose to use this summer, we have you covered! Shop the brands you trust at prices you love, always with international shipping. Check out all Medshop Express has to offer here.

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