5 Back To School Essentials You May Not Know You Need

Health Tips & Tricks, The Big Picture August 10, 2017

Back To School season seems to arrive sooner and sooner each year. The commercials appear on TV, displays pop up at your favorite stores, and your child’s school supplies list arrives in the mail. Sorting through all those products to figure out what your child actually needs can be rough. But, we’re here to let you in on a little secret. Sometimes, the items you won’t find on any supplies list are just as important to your child’s success. Here are 5 Back To School essentials that you might not know you need.

1.) Moisturizer

With all the time your child spends playing outside and with changing weather right around the corner, moisturizer is a must for Back To School. Stowing a small bottle in your child’s bag keeps their hands soft and prevents irritation.

2.) Pain Medication

When you’re around children, you know that anything (and everything!) can and will happen. It’s important to keep a stash of medicine handy in case of headaches, nausea, fever, or colds. Bonus points if you update your entire first aid kit!

3.) Hand Sanitizer

In schools, colds and flus spread like wildfire! Help your child stay healthy with a small container of hand sanitizer. We recommend encouraging them to use it before meals and after coming into contact with their sick peers. You’ll rest easy knowing that their hands are clean and that they won’t bring the germs home with them.

4.) Bandages

The bandages stowed away in dark corners of classrooms and school nurses’ offices probably haven’t been used in years. We recommend slipping a few Band-Aids of different sizes into your child’s bag. From paper cuts to scraped knees, they’ll be prepared to handle anything!

5.) Lactaid

This should be at the top of your list of Back To School essentials if your child is lactose intolerant. Nothing’s worse than a stomach ache at school, so help your child take preventive action. We suggest putting one capsule in their lunch box each day.

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