Baby Care Essentials: 8 Must-Haves for Parents

For the Wee Ones September 26, 2018

No one gives you a manual when you become a parent. It would be nice to be given a baby care checklist or be invited to parenting classes on your way back from the hospital. With all the information floating around on the internet, it can be hard to figure out what you really need for your baby. Disposable or cloth diapers? How many skin care products does baby need? Should babies use Vaseline? Well, we’re here to help! Here are our eight favorite baby care essentials for parents everywhere.

Baby Wipes

First off on our list of baby care essentials: baby wipes. With all the diaper changes you’re about to be doing, you’ll be sure to go through many, many packs of these. Babies have sensitive skin, and their diaper area is no different. We suggest choosing a fragrance-free formula that soothes baby’s skin. Our personal favorite? Huggies Natural Care. These wipes are Huggies’ simplest formula ever and contain nourishing ingredients, such as aloe and Vitamin E. Gentle clean, here comes baby!

Baby Wash

Continuing with our sensitive skin theme, let’s talk baby wash. Baby skin is about ten times thinner than adult skin. This means they don’t have as much of a protective barrier against harsh chemicals and irritants. So, they require gentle products that are soap-free and soothing. Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo contains natural oat extract to nourish baby’s skin. Plus, it’s soap-free, so it won’t cause dryness. It can also be used on skin and hair, rinsing away for a non-greasy cleanse.

Baby Lotion

After baby’s bath, it’s important to follow up with lotion. A good baby lotion locks in hydration after cleansing and serves as a protective layer on baby’s skin, keeping environmental irritants out. We like Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Its unique formula has been trusted by parents for decades, and it’s full of emollients that baby’s skin is sure to love. Daily use leaves skin feeling soft and smooth without a greasy residue.

Baby Powder

The constant washing and wiping of baby’s diaper area can leave things a little, well, moist. Excess moisture can lead to irritations like diaper rash, so we like to keep some Baby Powder around. With its soft texture, it smooths baby’s skin while absorbing excess moisture. This keeps the skin smooth and fresh day to day.

Diaper Rash Cream

Sometimes, you can’t help it. If you have a baby, he or she is more than likely going to have to deal with diaper rash. It’s the nature of the beast, you know? Sensitive skin + too much moisture = irritation. But (no pun intended!), Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Cream is here for you! This cream helps treat diaper rash and prevent future flare-ups. It also protects chafed skin and seals out wetness.


Baby has to eat, and sometimes, it’s hard to find the right formula. Similac Advance Early Shield boasts a DHA/ARA formula enhanced with Similac’s Early Shield Blend. This formula is designed to be more like breastmilk. Early Shield is suitable for babies 0 to 12 months. Plus, when you buy it in bulk, you’re saving a bundle!

Teething Gel

Here’s one of those baby care essentials you won’t need right away, but should keep on hand just in case. Most little ones begin teething between the ages of four and six months. As you know, it’s extremely painful for them and can hinder their sleep significantly. That’s where Baby Nighttime Orajel comes in. Its longer-lasting, extra strength formula temporarily relieves sore gums and teeth, letting both you and baby catch some much-needed z’s.

Measuring Spoon

When your little one is sick, the last thing you should be worrying about is how you’re going to administer their medication to them. Having an Ezy-Dose Medicine Dropper and Spoon on hand takes away that worry. Both the dropper and the spoon can dispense up to two teaspoons of medicine each without any mess.

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