July 27, 2018

Joint Pain? Here’s What You Need

Summer’s still going strong, which means there’s still time to get up, get outside, and get active! Whether it’s channeling our inner child and running around the park or taking … Continue reading “Joint Pain? Here’s What You Need”

June 28, 2018

Your Ultimate Summer Camping Packing List

There’s nothing like a summer camping trip. We love venturing into the great outdoors, setting up camp, and relaxing under the stars. When we take into account the hot weather, … Continue reading “Your Ultimate Summer Camping Packing List”

May 02, 2018

8 Skin Care Gifts for Mother’s Day

Few things are better than giving someone a gift that brings a smile to their face. We especially love spoiling the important women in our lives on Mother’s Day. Our … Continue reading “8 Skin Care Gifts for Mother’s Day”

April 12, 2018

How to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Warm weather is on the horizon! We’re excited for beach days, picnics with friends, and, best of all, summer vacations. Amid all this summer fun, we sometimes find ourselves feeling … Continue reading “How to Stay Hydrated This Summer”

March 27, 2018

Australia, We Thank You

Australia, you shop here, and we thank you. Australia, the great beyond to many in the world.  To us at Medshop Express, it’s as if you were right next to California. … Continue reading “Australia, We Thank You”

March 22, 2018

Desk Organization: Why Is Your Desk Way Too Organized?

Is your stapler on your desk to the left, or to the right? What about your scissors? Why do you organize your highlighters, pens, and pencils in 3 separate areas? … Continue reading “Desk Organization: Why Is Your Desk Way Too Organized?”

March 21, 2018

Allergy Season Home Remedies

Happy Spring, everyone! Warmer weather, chirping birds, and beautiful blooms are finally upon us. While we’re definitely enjoying the start of the new season, we do feel a little tickle … Continue reading “Allergy Season Home Remedies”

February 15, 2018

Trouble Sleeping? Here’s What You Need

Taken from the “Hey Ray” series by journalist, entrepreneur, adventurist, and father Ray Erikssen from his journal Four Corners. On my recent travels through majestic Australia, I came across many fascinating places and people! I … Continue reading “Trouble Sleeping? Here’s What You Need”

September 14, 2016

4 Great Diaper Rash Finds for Your Baby

You were just given the most precious gift you’ve ever gotten … besides your baby. When your child is inconsolable because he or she has the worst rash from diapers, … Continue reading “4 Great Diaper Rash Finds for Your Baby”